Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New Matrix Movie In The Works

Inspite of its seemingly untouchable position (even given the frustration of the sequels), whispers about movement on a new movie based on The Matrix have crackled around the wires for years. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there is some forward activity, with Warner Bros. starting talks with writer Zak Penn to create a treatment.

At the second, that's all that is occurring - despite the trade mag's sources getting word that Michael M. Jordan is the concentrate of chatter with regards to a potential new leading man, nothing at all has been decided further than working up some fresh ideas. And the form on this thing is still embryonic, without sign yet as to whether it will attempt to reboot the universe or set up more sequels in the same world.

Siblings Lanas and Lilly Wachowski, who came up with the original trilogy, are at present not involved; nor is Keanu Reeves, who was turned into an action icon through the tale of a man learning about that the world is a computer-generated illusion made by machines to keep an enslaved human human population docile as they're used for energy. The blend of cutting-edge special results, fighting methods and philosophy became a sensation back in 1999, spawning the back-to back sequels Reloaded and Revolutions. The studio would at least want the Wachowskis to offer their benefit. And while we're sure it would be pleased for Reeves - still kicking ass, albeit as John Wick - to return, he's said he would only contemplate it if they were on board.

Consequently for now, this will bubble away in development as various spin-off options are viewed as. Though Warners acquired been taking a look at a Matrix-based TV SET series recently, that idea is on hold while the film version is developed. Will anything happen this time? We'll see...

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